Town Hall Plays the Classics Vol 1 EP

Our friends in the band Town Hall have compiled their recent run of covers into a free EP. You all should download it.

Most of this five-track release has already appeared on Those Who Dig in some form or another, but I just love Town Hall's covers so much that I don't mind sharing them again. Whether it's a sexy R&B jam – like Ja Rule & Ashanti or R. Kelly – a traditional Americana track – like "Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby" – or a traditional emo track – like Jimmy Eat World – there's nothing Town Hall seems incapable of putting their unique stamp upon and making something interesting and enjoyable. Oh and there's "Old Man Duff," by Frankie Marvin, shared above, which is essentially the folk version of the SNL "Bill Brasky" skit. In seriousness, it's a really cool tune.

So you really should download this EP – it's free! – and if you're in the NYC area on July 12 & 13, you can check out the band live. Lastly, if you missed our interview with the band in conjunction with our NYC podcast, you really should click here.