Tim Kuhl: St. Helena

Those Who Dig is the shared outlet of musical appreciation curated by way of Baltimore MD and Brooklyn NY by myself and Steve. These two musical communities have been know to borrow from each other and today's featured artist is a perfect representation of that trend.

Tim Kuhl is a Baltimore native and current Brooklynite. He is also a percussionist/composer whose fourth release came out on July 10th of this year. It is a seven track album entitled St. Helena which is intended to be enjoyed as a single extended composition.

The musicians featured on this recording are: Ryan Ferreira, Grey Mcmurray, Rick Parker, Joshua Valleau, Jared Samuel, Philip Sterk, and Sofia Impellizzeri. Additionally, Ryan Ferreira has been featured previously on the Dig all the way back on article number 694 here. I enjoy this work for it's interesting and groovy soundscape. Listening to Tim Kuhl's St. Helena is like taking a tour of a foreign landscape where precedents need not apply and your expectations change at every turn.

Check it out the full work for yourself and see if you agree. You can also keep up with the artist via his official webpage and find his previous albums from itunes.