Three Red Crowns & The Chris Pumphrey Sextet at the Creative Alliance

Good morning Baltimore. This Thursday night at the Creative Alliance is a show that you're not going to want to miss. The featured performers are Three Red Crowns and the Chris Pumphrey Sextet. Tickets and general information can be found here and your RSVP love can be directed toward the facebook event page here. Doors open at 7:30 and the music begins at 8:00.

The Chris Pumphrey Sextet is a favorite of TWD and you should check out our past articles about them here. Meanwhile, Three Red Crowns is the brainchild of Anna Meadors and John Paul Carillo and is an up and coming Baltimore project which boasts an unexpected and expansive cast of instrumentalists. Three Red Crowns represents the best of Baltimore's musical creative class. They are a genre baffling orchestra with rock and roll energy backed up by their palpable compositional and instrumental prowess. In their own words:

Three Red Crowns is saxophones, strings, bass, and drums (and sometimes piano, marimba, vocals, and trumpet too). Three Red Crowns is new music, rock, pulse, jazz, classical, dub, and pop. Three Red Crowns is lush and vivid, violent and livid. Three Red Crowns, through original compositions by John Paul Carillo and Anna Meadors, creates music that connects the drive of drums with the nuance of strings, blown over the top by soloing saxophone—everything amplified; ensemble electrified! The ring of tradition as heard with an ear for the new, Three Red Crowns is the sound of the future of the concert hall, of the rock club, of the jam band festival tour. Three Red Crowns makes music that connects musics.

The combination of Chris Pumphrey's visceral jazz and Three Red Crowns forward thinking aural and visual performance will prove to be a happening you can't afford to miss. 

Recorded in Mobtown Studios and released this month, Second Crown will be premiered by Three Red Crowns at the evening's performance. The full cast of musicians spans saxophones, strings, vocals, and percussion and the guilty parties are:

Anna Meadors, saxophones 

John Paul Carillo, bass-guitar

Rajni Sharma, vocals

Martha Morrison, violin

Caleb Johnson, violin

Ruby Fulton, viola, violin

Domenica Romagni, cello Rob Parrish, drum-set, percussion 

The ensemble will also be premiering a stop-motion animation video for their composition In The Right Light and you can dig a sneak preview of this project below. Enjoy.

Finally, we are happy to share a wonderful new video from the Chris Pumphrey Sextet which was just captured at the NOVA Instrumental Festival last month. Chris Pumphrey and his numerically incorrect but highly erogenous Sextet is my definition of a beatific jazz experience in that they are a band that demands your personal acqauintence and not your mp3 player. However, once they make your acqaintence the energy and engagment of their music is quarenteed to leave an impression you will not soon forget and you will want to experience again.

Once more, the concert is this Thursday night, April 11th, at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore. Doors open at 7:30 and the music kicks off at 8:00. Ticket information can be obtained here and you can RSVP to the event via facebook. Don't miss this one Baltimore, it's a sure thing. You dig?