Those Who Dig Kiva Team

We at Those Who Dig have finally decided to use our powers for good instead of evil. While we hope that our promotion and distribution of great music is a service to people in and of itself, we've been wanting to do something just a little bit more with the following we've developed. With the holiday season approaching it seems like as good a time as any to get this rolling.

We've set up a Those Who Dig team page at that everyone is welcome to join. If you're unfamiliar with Kiva you should read about them. Basically, Kiva is a website where you can micro-lend to small-business owners in third world countries. After you sign up you can lend in interest-free increments as small as 25$ to borrowers of your choice whose mission and business is available for you to read about. Remember it's a LOAN, so you get your money back and can either take it or reinvest it in another loan.

It's incredibly simple to do and it's a great cause that does real, calculable good for real people. We don't ask anything of our readers other than enjoying the hell out of the music that we write about, so we'd be honored if you'd take a couple minutes and join our team. There will be a link in the sidebar from now on so feel free to join at anytime and lend away!

Happy Holidays!