The Year in Dig – 2012

Most people do their year-end recaps in December. That might have been nice for us at Those Who Dig, but we just didn't get there. On the plus side, we can recap the full twelve months now. Today we have a look at some of the highlights of our blog during 2012.

It was a good year for us. Several things happened that we were really excited about. The first was starting Those Who Dig podcasts, aka Digcasts. We did eight in our first year of production and have plans for many more. Subscribe on iTunes here. The episodes were:

  • I: A solo roundup I did at the end of January
  • II: Dave interviewed Jonny Fritz (Corndawg at the time)
  • III: Dave & I shared some of our favorite songs released in the early part of the year
  • IV: Dave interviewed Ronald Pearl
  • V: Dave & I did another set of picks in the spring
  • VI: My first NYC podcast with five songs and five interviews from local bands
  • VII: Dave interviewed Mickey Free & Secret Weapon Dave
  • VIII: NYC podcast #2

The other really exciting new thing was our venture into show promoting. We threw our very first "TWD Presents" show in Brooklyn in November at Muchmore's. Featuring friends of the dig Oh! My Blackbird, Palomino, and David Pollack, the event was a ton of fun and a successful benefit for Super Storm Sandy relief. Photo recap is here. Our second gig happens next week 1/18 at Union Hall (come!!!) and not to give much away, but there even are more coming soon!

Dave launched a cool new featured called Flashback Fridays and took us back to 1987, 1971, and 1963. I tried a something I called First Impressions for new releases, which were one-time, stream of consciousness reviews. It didn't really take, but I did review Bruce Springsteen, Andrew Bird, and The Delta Spirit.

Many of our previous features continued as well:

Also, I did a dozen interviews, many in conjunction with my NYC podcasts. All of them were really enjoyable.

Altogether, it was a pretty swell year for the Dig and we are hoping to keep it coming in 2013. I will have another post with all my "Best of 2012" up soon, too. Thank you all for supporting us in 2012. This year should be even better. You dig?