The Streets Return!

A few videos from The Streets have popped up the last couple days. I have a soft spot in my heart for Mike Skinner because of all the memories I have associated with his tunes, so these vids are more than welcome.
There’s been some rumblings from Skinner in the last couple years that the album he’s been working on will be his last and he’s leaving the game. Here’s to hoping that ain’t true.The Streets unique brand of laid-back, everyman rhymes and always fresh beats are an essential part of today’s indie rap scene and it would be a shame for him to disappear.
If these videos are any indication, Skinner still has it and I’m pretty amped for the new album, Computers and Blues, to drop. “4 O’Clock” is the more enchanting and classic of the two, but “Trust Me” is pretty damn catchy in its own right with it’s soulful groove. The StreetsĀ website has a mysterious timer counting down; if it’s for the new album that puts the release date at February 7.
The Streets – Trust Me

The Streets – 4 O’Clock