The Mumlers


The Mumlers – Tangled Up With You


How did I miss this one? The Mumlers released their latest album Don't Throw Me Away a year ago and it took me 11 and a half months to discover it. But it sure is a doozy. Will Sprott leads this San Francisco band that incorporates some wild instrumentation and just about any horn you can think of (euphonium!).

Don't Throw Me Away does quirky Duke Ellington-meets-Otis Redding while Tom Waits drinks in the corner. The album exists somewhere between a booze-filled, New Orleans night in the 50's and a B-side Motown recording session. Believe it. Some great tracks include "Raise the Blinds" and "St. James St." , which dish out Rain Dogs peppered with a little Black Keys for good measure. "Tangled Up With You" (the track featured here) and the title track have Sprott flexing the golden pipes in true heartbroken soul fashion.

The Mumlers manage to combine so many parts of my eclectic musical taste into one coherent sound. Go buy the album, a bottle of whiskey, and grab your headphones. You can thank me later.

These guys are bound for greatness, mark my words.