The Mobbies 2012

This year is the fourth for Maryland's Outstanding Blog competition lovingly called The Mobbies. The idea is that registered users of can vote once per 24 hour period for their favorite MD area blogs in 22 different categories.

Voting began Oct. 29th and will continue through November 5th at 5 pm. The announcement of winners, as well as prizes, and general good time partying will be had at the Mobbies Bash November 14th at the Creative Alliance. It's free to reregister and vote, and Those Who Dig couldn't be more pleased to be in the fine company of the other blogs in the Entertainment Category.

We at Those Who Dig have been working hard since 2010 to bring you thoughtful music reviews in any and all genres. I dare anyone to find a more eclectic or diverse music blog and podcast on the intertubes. Those Who Dig is proud to bring you insights from yesteryear classics in jazz and classical, as well as keep you schooled on the canon of rock and roll, and up to date with the hippest in independent or unsigned music. We've been part of the short lived Paper Crane Collective, expanded into an episodic Digcast, and look forward to beginning the next phase of the music blog life cycle as we will begin hosting our own set of concerts in the coming months.

Read through our Mission Statement or dig through our archives if you feel like taking a walk down memory lane with us. Vote here, and then let Those Who Dig and Baltimore's contributing writer DaveWhoDigs know that you dig – You dig?

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