The Melodic: On My Way EP

The Melodic is a new four piece band out of the UK that will release their debut EP On My Way on June 25th. They are signed to Anti Records and the members are: Huw WilliamsRudi SchmidtJohn Naldrett, and Lydia Samuels. On My Way is ripe with warm harmonies, infectious melodies, and tasty instrumentation that does not shy away from lesser used instruments such as the charango, the melodica and the kora. As a side note, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the melodica, the timbre of that instrument is always and will always be associated with good times. In fact, I dare you to compose a funeral dirge for melodica, it won't work, everyone will just end up smiling. 

Regardless, On My Way from The Melodic is set to work its way into both your regular rotation and your summer mix tapes. This is a do not miss EP for the summer of 2013. Give the title track a listen below and then get the full release on June 25th to enjoy the remaining songs. You can also stay in touch with the band via their WebsiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram. You dig?