The Dirty Nil and Abbe May

Two new videos for songs recently featured on the Dig have come out and I wanted to give them soem attention, because they're both awesome. "Little Metal Baby Fist" from The Dirty Nil and "Karmageddon" by Abbe May, I dig them and I hope you do too.

By all indications, The Dirty Nil are a raucous bunch. They play their rock and roll loud. I was a big fan of their first single "Fuckin' Up Young," (which is also a cool video), and the recently released "Little Baby Metal Fist" keeps their in the red sound going strong. Everything is at full blast, from the crashing symbols to the crunch of the guitar to the dirty bass and especially singer Luke's voice. They dropped this wonderful party of a video, which shows a bunch of friends and possibly strangers getting down to the song karaoke-style. I like the continuity of the red, white, and blue starred shirt from their last video being used here – some of the people from that party may even be at this one – and the visual effects of layering the people and showing the words are neat. The single is now available as a 7" record here.

From Canada to Australia we go. Abbe May released this track about a month ago, and it just floored me. It was reminiscent to how I felt when I first heard "California" by EMA. It's powerful, dark, and artistic. When we put in a Weekly Roundup a few weeks ago the stream embed wasn't working right, so I'm glad to have the video to share now. Abbe creates a sonic world that seems on the verge of destruction, yet it's so hypnotic it's unfathomable to imagine yourself elsewhere. The guitar and drum machines are all churning doom, her rich voice the siren song. The video seems relatively straightforward, but Abbe's eyes are as dynamic as her vocals and express a whole range of emotion. Plus, she seems to be spinning around and stays on point through it all. It's intense and magnetic. Abbe will release a new album Kiss My Apocalypse in April 2013.