The Devil Makes Three

ch-ch-check it:

I came across these guys (and gal) randomly on pandora. It was one of those songs that made me walk across the shop and check pandora to see who it was. I've picked up three of their albums since and it only gets better.

TDMT are drummer-less and usually have two guitars (or a banjo) and a string bass. Bitchin' right? They also have a great new-grass/whisky saloon/johnny cash feel to them. How can you not love a band that wrote a song called "Old Number Seven" about Jack Daniel's? Pete Bernhard is a really solid songwriter and weaves in some pretty clever wordplay and the band has a great grasp of their respective instrument's place in each song. I'll leave you with these words of wisdom:

"But I dont come ‘round here to meet nice people anyway.
And what the hell am I doin’ drunk in the middle of the day?
And I can feel the departure of all of my hard-earned pay."

Story of my life, buddy.