The Builders and The Butchers – Rotten to the Core

The Builders and The Butchers – Rotten to the Core

I'll be going under the knife tomorrow for some minor surgery on my foot. Which means I'll have seriously increased blogging time for the next few days, even though it will probably be in a drug/painkiller induced stupor. Everybody wins. Here's a foot-stomping jam from The Builders and The Butchers to pull me out of my anesthesia haze.

It can certainly be said that The Builders and the Butchers have a unique sound. Not revolutionary, but there are enough common elements transformed and repackaged that every spin is a good listen. "Rotten to the Core" is the barn-burner of the album. It's clearly meant as a show-stopper or an encore song and it's beating percussion and groovy bass lines serve this duty. It's also interesting for the way the strings often follow the percussion section, instead of providing individual hooks. They also drop a little organ action on you. It's quite the uplifting downer song.

Since I love you guys so much here's a bonus tune:

The Builders and The Butchers – Moon on the March

Pick up their newest album Dead Reckoning and check them out on their huge US tour.