The Belle Brigade – Where Not To Look For Freedom

I've been meaning to share this new(ish) video from The Belle Brigade for awhile now, so here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure.

This duo of brother Ethan and sister Barbara Gruska has a great pop rock sound. Big hooks, catchy music, and as one might expect from siblings, great vocal harmonies. The video for "Where Not To Look For Freedom" takes this concept to an extreme length, showing scenes from a life where the two are literally joined together. It's humorous first and foremost, putting the pair into a variety of situations with sight gags that either complicate being fused or highlight unique advantages of such an arrangement. There's even a Night at the Roxbury-esque "Him? Me? Me? Him?" bit.

As the story progresses, they get the chance to break apart, the thrill of which quickly wears off, as they realize that even if they don't literally belong together, they need to be connected somehow. I like this message. The song is a rollicking number that should again remind you to check this band out. I was a big fan of previous single "Losers," and "Where Not To Look For Freedom" is another winner on the part of The Belle Brigade.