The Beards: Got Me A Beard

Here's a tasty little nugget I've been sitting on for awhile but would like to share with you all this morning. The Beards are an Australian band that writes music exclusively about the virtues of having a beard. Since 2005 they have released three albums entitled The Beards, Beards, Beards, Beards, and finally, Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard. The video below is the single from their latest album and is aptly titled Got Me a Beard. It is also hilarious and wonderfully well done by the whole team.

The video was written and directed by Tom Bettany, Michael Bidstrup, Joshua Fielder, Joel McMillan and Chris Edser. Animation credits go to Chris Edser, Bill Northcott, and Jarrod Prince, with additional animation & coloring from Lisa Vertudaches, and Harry Plane. Lastly, coloring was done by Bri Hammond and Lisa Kurtze.

As a Portlander, and more importantly, as a self-respecting man with dignity, panache, and of course, a beard, I too know the joys of beard ownership and the sense of responsibility that accompanies it. I applaud The Beards for willingly committing their lives and careers to beard advocacy through music and wish them well on their global conquests. You can too by reaching out to the group via Facebook and Twitter. What's more, you might want to share your beard with them on these platforms as we gear up for World Beard Day this September 7th and No Shave November soon after.

As for me, I'll be sculpting my beard and waiting with more patience than the characters in the music video for the Beards to invade Portland OR on October 30th at Dante's. I look forward to a great show and a well bearded audience. Keep Portland Beard, you dig?