The Avalanches: Frontier Psychiatry

The Avalanches released their only album Since I Left You in the year 2000 (cue my best La Bamba singing voice) and caught lightning in a bottle with their single Frontier Psychiatry. From what little I've read about the bands compositional process it sounds to me like the greatness of this song came into the world in the same way penicillin did – accidentally. The band makes heavy use of the sampling, DJ scratch-fests, and imagery to sew together nonlinear sound bites into a linear tune. Additionally, the video boasts a large cast of characters who reenact all of the samples in a very Michel Gondry kind of way. The directors were Kuntz and Macquire. 

This video has been around for a little while but I've recently become smitten with it and wanted to make sure that no one in the Dig Nation missed it. Aside from the ghost choir and monkey drummer I dig the shout out to the Baltimore County public education system in the song's introduction.

That boy needs therapy. You dig?