Tea Time at Golden West Cafe w/ Holy Ghost Party, Chester Gwazda, & Soul Cannon

Hey Baltimore, it's about that time – Tea Time. This Thursday night at Golden West Cafe in Hamden the Baltimore Curators are presenting a killer line up of bands for only five bucks. It's general admission and while doors open at 10:00 pm the show starts at 10:30. The featured bands are Holy Ghost Party, Chester Gwazda, and the incomparable Soul Cannon. Furthermore, they are all homegrown and rep the best of what Baltimore's burgeoning music scene has to offer.

To begin, Holy Ghost Party is an experimental pop group with a self titled ten track EP out since September of 2011. While they may be experimental, the Holy Ghost Party EP is immediately accessible and I look forward to seeing this band infiltrate the blogosphere as they continue to develop and grow. Check them out below and then hop over to their bandcamp page to fully support the band.

Next up is Chester Gwazda who is a freelance producer/engineer but you may have also seen him playing synth in Nuclear Power Pants and/or in the Dan Deacon Ensemble. The album, Shroud, is an eight track collection of engaging but mellow compositions that was released in March of last year. Shroud has the feel of an album that can grow into a personal soundtrack, and given his reputable list collaborations it is know doubt that Chester Gwazda knows how to build a cohesive album or put on a great live performance.

Finally, Soul Cannon is a Baltimore based four piece band that is rebranding what hip hop sounds like in the 21st century. As musicians they are technicians of their craft and as such they have cultivated a musical sound that is wholly unique and encompasses language from multiple genres. They are a not to be missed live experience and have been steady killing the Baltimore scene over the course of two full length albums and five plus years. Your Thursday night just got an upgrade. See you there Baltimore. You dig?

Soul Cannon: Good Day Dream