Tashaki Miyaki

Hope everyone had a nice Record Store Day. Completely unrelated to that (or is it?), I wanted to share this video from Tashaki Miyaki for their song "Best Friend." We first shared the group's great cover of "If Not For You" a few months ago, and I'm digging this tune as well. Their sound really appeals to me. The vocals are languid and hazy but sweetly dreamy enough to entrance, perfectly matched with swirls of bluesy, psych guitar and minimalist drumming that harkens back to art rockers of diverse vintages.

The video seems to be an impressionistic take on what the song might be about: a look at a relationship. It's a series of lovely black and white scenes of a couple and their dog, mostly idling in their apartment, driving around, and enjoying a beautiful afternoon out in the hills. Oh yeah, and there's a gun, which contrasts to the otherwise placid moments of the rest of the clip, giving it just enough edge to keep you wondering what will happen. I am not sure if the two people in the video are the band, but I think the real star is the dog.