Tango in the Attic – Paw Prints

Tango In The Attic is a Scottish band that released a new album a few weeks ago called Sellotape. I'm digging their single "Paw Prints" and its video.

What gets me the most about this track are the dual guitars, especially in the parts right before the verses start (for example, around the 1:20 mark). In the left channel, you have one that is more churning, distorted chords and texture. In the right channel, it's a slinky figure of notes. It lays down a great foundation for the bouncing bass, the rollicking drums, and the vocals of Jordan Craig.

The jittery music finds a visual representation in the video of a young girl who seems on the margins of a controlling world. She is a little rebellious, spitting out the window and cutting out of school after being yelled at by an old man with bad death. I really love the moment when she ventures off on her own as the song goes, "Always gonna chase things I can't see, I chase paw prints through the snow, I found monsters ten feet tall. You say I'm crazy but you don't know the half of it."

Great song. This band was previously on the Dig here.