Take It Easy, But Take It



There are only a handful of artists that we at Those Who Dig may regard as infallible.
That being said, todays video contains three:
Pete Seeger
June Carter &
Johnny Cash
This clip is from Pete Seeger's television program, Rainbow Quest, which ran from 1965-1966. The format of the show was simple; Pete Seeger would gather
bluegrass &
musicians for conversation and informal performances. These intimate episodes were shot in black and white and yielded some passionate and heartwarming moments.
This clip opens with Pete Seeger performing Cripple Creek on a fretless banjo from the 19th century. It's a beautiful and rare instrument, and his performance is further amplified by the virtuosity of his foot percussion.
After some banter the three then move on to perform a song made popular by the Carter Family, I'm Thinking Tonight of my Blue Eyes. The performance is unrehearsed, and charming above everything else. Pete Seeger is in charge, June Carter is shy, and Johnny Cash is detached (high?).
Few things make me smile as this video can, dig it, and in Pete's own words…
"Take it easy but take it"
-Pete Seeger