Summer Catch Up

It's been a crazy summer for me. Between moving, computer issues, and some other stuff, a lot of great music sent my way has slipped by. Today I wanted to catch up with artists previously featured on Those Who Dig and share their latest music and news.

Alejandra O'Leary is going to release a new album on September 3rd called Broken Mirror Baby. The lead single and title track is available below and it's another great catchy rock tune. Alejandra is a good lyric writer and her songs always end up stuck in my head – in a good way. I also like the loud-soft dynamics on this one. Should be a great album. Here's her website and here's a sampler. And also check out this promo video here.

Mostar Records' newest release is the debut single of Tied to the Mast. The song is called "Plain Lazy" and it's a moody, riff-driven number. I really dig the guitars, they hooked me just about instantly. Mostar is proving themselves a go-to source for people looking for great new music, whatever the genre. Watch the video for the song below – it features a skateboarding mummy! – and go here for more info and purchase links.

Howth will be releasing a new EP in October. They unveiled a new track called "Deep in my Heart" (available here). It starts off unassumingly, with some beautiful interwoven acoustic guitars, before gaining energy by adding little more than some light percussion (which seems to mimic rain) and electronic flourishes. It's very impressive, makes me excited about the new EP. Here's their facebook page.

e-dubble is the man. Hopefully you know that by now. Earlier this year, he wrapped up his 52 week "Freestyle Friday" project and he's continued to release more incredible tracks since, including "Rebuild." Its refrain includes the line "Life is like Legos, got to keep building," which is awesome, and it captures what I love about e-dubble's music in a nutshell: it's clever and empowering. The production is great too. Have a listen below and be sure to follow his soundcloud page (click the link below the player) for all of his latest.

e-dubble – Rebuild by edubble

Max and the Wild Things will be releasing their second album Neptune's Crown on 11/11/11. The lead single is "Wind Through the Window" and I feel like the best way to describe it is ska + bluegrass. Yes, you read that right. Don't worry, it's a cool tune, and you can just tell how good it would be in a live setting. Here's their website.

Air Review is nearing the end of their EP, which they are releasing a track at a time. By all accounts, it should be a stunner when it's compiled. Everything I've heard has been great. The latest, "Low Wishes," is no exception. This is an incredibly talented band and one hard to describe adequately. I feel like it's a cop out to simply say they are a great rock band, but that's what they are. For my supporting arguments, play "Low Wishes."

Low Wishes by airreview

Vandaveer first wowed me with a stunning video, and he's done it again. The clip for "The Great Gray" is shot well enough and looks creepy enough to be excerpted from a zombie movie. Honestly, this should give the promo people at AMC some ideas for The Walking Dead Season 2. Take this song, add some new season clips, a few old ones, it writes itself. Check it out.

Metal Mother has also made a really interesting video. This one is for her song "Shake." It may be a bit NSFW, not that it's too graphic, but just a heads up. The jungle / Amazon imagery fits with the song's tribal musical elements, particularly the drumming. I really dig the fusion of this with the electronic aspect. It's like something Bjork would do, which is great.