Snoop Sings Superbowl Songs

This will be short but sweet. I have two sporting events to watch, spicy ranch chicken wings to cook, a website to code, and,hopefully, the Packers victory party to attend…. right? So Snoop is at it again. This time in a promo spot produced by Greenpoint Pictures out of Brooklyn, NY. Very cool camera work, and a half decent track performed by Senor Dogg. I know it's corporate promotional material, but I'm a sucker for topical rap, sue me.

Snoop football themed track > J-Byrd football themed track… Maybe this can spark a Music and Math feature!

C'mon, that is just terrible. I guess I'm a sucker for SOME topical rap. Anyway look for Snoop's spot during the game tonight. And for god sakes somone come up with a good Packers Victory Anthem!!!