Simple is Good: Philip Glass

Philip Glass: Music Box

Philip Glass: Neverwas

Born in 1937 Philip Glass is a Baltimore icon, a legend of 20th and 21st century composition, and an immensely interesting character and artist. For more insight into the man I would recommend the 2005 documentary Glass: A Portrait of Philip in 12 Parts – which is available via Netflix instant play. This is a very humanizing film and hopefully enlightens his compositional world as well; I loved it.

Nevertheless, Philip Glass has been on my mind and my turn table a lot recently and I wanted to share a brief moment of his work with you. The first selection is entitled Music Box and is a selection from the 1992 release Candyman which was scored by Glass. The second selection is also from a movie score – the 2005 release Neverwas. Both of these selections are found on the compilation album The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass sampler vol. 1 which is available FREE today from the good folks at Click here and get your copy.

Meanwhile in Baltimore, Mobtown Modern is focusing on Glass at the start of the new year by issuing a mix tape entitled Mobtown Mixtape VII: Scattered Glass which features DJ Dubble8 and the mashed up work of our man Philip Glass. It's pretty hip and you can grab it for FREE from their webpage linked here.

I am also excited for the January 12th collaboration concert with Mobtown Modern and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. They will be performing Glassworks at the Windup Space at 8pm and tickets are only 10 bucks. More concert information and ticket sales are available here.

Philip Glass is a monument of contemporary composition and like him or not, you should be versed in his work. Netflix, Amazon, and Mobtown Modern are giving you no excuse not to get to know the sound world of Glass a little further. Take advantage of this opportunity to get out of the box and stay out – You dig?