Royal Canoe

Royal Canoe is a new Canadian band I've been enjoying. They have a debut EP called Extended Play out and have appeared in some cool video features lately. Above, you can find a performance for the really awesome Kiyanna Project series known as "One Camera, One Story, One Song." It's pretty much as it sounds: shot on single-camera in an interesting physical space, it features a band performing a song after telling a story about it. "Bathtubs" is a funky jam centered on the metaphor of dragging gear out of rehearsal space as trying to overcome obstacles and complete projects. I dig the song and performance and this video series. Wins all around.

We shared Royal Canoe's song "Hold Onto the Metal" earlier this year in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Bonus Roundup, so it feels good to give it a little more attention now that there's a kick ass video for it out. The song has a wonderful sense of melody and exploration and the video is very creative with all of its hand-constructed craft sets. It's a sea adventure a little like The Life Aquatic. Though there are no matching outfits.

By now, you are probably just dying to pick up the EP. Follow this link to check it out. Enjoy.