Reid Anderson: Not Sentimental

The Reid Anderson Quartet consists of:

Reid Anderson – Bass

Ethan Iverson – Piano

Mark Tuner – Saxophone

Jorge Rossy – Drums

Reid Anderson: Not Sentimental

Their work is limpid, melodic, accessible, and emotionally evocative. I find this music, this record, and in particular, this song to be perpetually rewarding and refreshing. I especially enjoy Ethan Iverson's piano playing during the bass solo; which begins at about the 2 minute mark.

What I enjoy most about this moment in the composition is the timbre Iverson gets from his piano. The chord voicings are unambiguous, simple, and clean as they delicately sparkle in the upper register of his piano. This in juxtaposition to the deep and brooding bass as Anderson saunters across the neck of his instrument creates a sound world in which I want to live. It is truly remarkable.

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. The openness of this composition allows each musician to shape their sounds with guided dynamic control as well as expressive and clear phrasing. This is jazz music at the apex of musicianship and interpretation.

In short, I adore this cut and I hope you do too. The full album is available for download via itunes here. Do yourself a solid and go get it. You Dig?