Red Tail Ring – The Heart's Swift Foot

        Red Tail Ring: Ohio Turnpike ?    

The Heart's Swift Foot is the newest release from Kalamazoo based folk duo Red Tail Ring. The responsible parties are Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo and their twelve track opus is as ripe with instrumental technique and musicianship as it is with folk authenticity and engaging story telling. You might ask, "How does one get all steeped folk authenticity?" Well, degrees in Ethnomusicology, English Literature, and time abroad studying Finnish traditional music at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki would be a pretty good start.

Regardless, the only thing about this record that sounds academic is the duo's attention to instrumental and vocal intonation. The rest just sounds like satisfying Americana through the lens of a contemporary mid-western duo. Enjoy the bookend tracks from this album on this page and then make friends with the duo via their Facebook page, Official Web Page, and find all of their music on Itunes.

Red Tail Ring: My Heart's Own Love