Rebekah Delgado: Sing You Through The Storm

Rebekah Delgado is a London based singer/songwriter and the title track off of her forthcoming EP Sing You Through The Storm has been striking a lot of right notes with me recently. I think the orchestration of this song is very smart. Straight ahead piano harmonies alongside a charming vocal melody and a singing saw lay down the ground work for this savvy and hook heavy pop tune. Ultimately, the song culminates with a sing-along of choristers, drums, acoustic guitar, playful piano arpeggios, and a horn section. 

If this song catches you in the right mood, and with maybe a little bit of privacy, I'm confident that you'll be singing along before the final chorus is over. The EP will be available March 24, 2012 so keep in touch with this songstress via her webpagetwitter, and facebook