Pressed And – Bored on a Lam

I've been digging the new music from Pressed And, with their latest single "Bored On A Lam" a definite highlight. It's somehow both low key and epic and hard to not want to listen to over and over again.

I hope you aren't at all turned off by the length of the tune. It is worth taking eight minutes to listen to a great work by the two talented guys that make up Pressed And – Andrew Hamlet and Mat Jones. In fact, I am secretly hoping that those of you who are reading this shortly after it posts on Friday morning get taken in and allow it to set the tone for the rest of your day. To me, it provides a rejuvenating energy, because as I escape into it, the song clears out anything that is swirling in my head and brings me more into the moment. On the other hand, it also has a very nocturnal feeling, perfect for unwinding as night sets in. Versatile, right?

I like how it reveals itself slowly, starting with an almost Eastern sounding looped guitar and occasional vocal sampling of "Baby," plus a few touches of percussion. Then another soloing guitar comes, creating a sense of expression that is enhanced midway through when we get a more pronounced drum beat. Towards the end, a few lines of vocals enter which totally change the complexion of the song. By addressing someone and using the past tense, it lends a shading of history. Though ambiguous, I can't help but feel a new depth of emotion from the reference to whatever these two people might have shared.

I love how "Bored on a Lam" interweaves the effects and loops and machines with the undeniable sense this was made by living, breathing humans and has a resonant emotional core. You can tell that Andrew and Mat did a lot of performing to make this happen. The album Stone Candles is a great listen and worth checking out. Learn more and listen to more here at their website.