Plants and Animals – Lightshow

Plants and Animals – Lightshow by SecretCityRecords

It's so supremely satisfying and comforting when you hear a song that just speaks to you, directly, at a certain time. It's like the artist reached in your brain and spilled your thoughts all over the recording studio. It's almost like you don't want to share the song with anyone else – after all it was made just for you, right?

Fortunately for you guys, I have a music blog and sharing great tunes is kinda what I do. I've been having a tough time lately finding the time/will/energy to post on TWD, but luckily the other Digsters are holding it down. I haven't given up on music or the site – just in a bit of a motivational lull lately and some major life changes have been brewing that tend to take up my thoughts. I needed a spark to light a fire under my ass and it came yesterday courtesy of Kyle the Music Savage (Gardener).

This new song from Montreal-based band Plants and Animals came through my speakers with a 2×4 in hand and whacked me right in the forehead. It starts out simply enough with a carefully strummed acoustic melody and clear vocals. It's when the drums kick in and I started to parse my way through the varying tempo that I realized I was listening to something special. That crunchy guitar breakdown in the middle is the release of every gnawing feeling that weighs on you in times of struggle. It's the aggression at your fingertips clawing for a way out. Shit, I love this song.

Plants and Animals release The End Of That on Secret City Records at the end of February, so be on the lookout.