Patrick Watson at Manhattan Inn

This one's a little late coming, but it was a great little show, so it's still worth sharing with Dig Nation. I unfortunately missed Patrick Watson opening for Andrew Bird last weekend, but when life closes a door, a nice little cocktail bar near you throws a show, or something like that.

I had the distinct pleasure of catching Patrick Watson and his band Patrick Watson play an intimate show for probably 50 people in the piano lounge at the Manhattan Inn in my Greenpoint hood. The set-up was essentially in-the-round and definitely up close, which ended up being the best possible way to absorb Patrick and co.'s sentimental, cinematic pop tunes. It was so intimate, in fact, that it ended up being more like a house show for friends with audience interaction, laughs over goof ups in songs, and a tip jar.

Patrick Watson (the man) has a fascinatingly emotive voice that carries the ballads (despite his cigarettes and two glasses of whiskey). Patrick Watson (the band) play perfectly off of eachother and weave their voices and instruments into a mesh dripping with feeling. 

The guys (and gal) released their album Adventures In Your Own Backyard last month and will be touring with Andrew Bird for awhile longer.