Pandercakes: Paint By Numbers EP

Pandercakes is a four piece band of Joel Floyd, Logan GoldsteinDesirée Richardson, and Phillip Soellner. Their music is textural, experimental, and unusually orchestrated. Yet it is also simple, accessible, poppy, and fun. Pandercakes is a purposeful contradiction. They fulfill the norm of the pop music medium but at the same time and push towards the unexpected. Even the name has a hidden depth. In their own words, "Pandercakes is a comment on the duality of popular music: appealing and accessible, but prone to demean itself in order to gain widespread approval." This is what Pandercakes is all about. At first glance they are a catchy band hell bent on a good time, but a second looks shows them as an intelligent and forward thinking quartet writing songs about French surrealist writers. 

The four song EP Paint By Numbers was released Feb 28th of this year and opens up with the title track. Paint By Numbers sounds like something from the Elephant 6 Collective, except that they are more immediately accessible. I really dig the textures they are creating in their music by combining a wide array of instruments and playfully tossing around vocal lines across the band. 

The entire EP can be streamed via their Bandcamp page and Facebook will keep you up to date on the bands happenings. Finally, the EP wraps up with the song Andre Breton, a bilingual tune about the leading French surrealist author from the 20th century. If you need a little brushing up on your French surrealists go get your