Ophelia – Nowhere, No Way

Ophelia – Butcher


Since receiving Ophelia's self-titled debut album a few days ago it has quickly become one of my favorite finds of the year (and "Nowhere, No Way" is a late contender for my song of the year). Ophelia make stripped-down acoustic Americana and it's quite charming.

Ophelia is the name of the Virginia town where Triple Stamp artists David Shultz (normally with The Skyline) and Jonathan Vassar (normally with The Speckled Bird) recorded the Ophelia record in a river house. As if there wasn't enough talent in the house already, also lending a hand were Grant Hunnicutt (of Mermaid Skeletons) and Willis Thompson (of Thao and the Get Down Stay Down).

The recordings of Shlutz and Vassar have an intimate, front porch vibe. You can picture the guys waking up slowly, sauntering out to the porch with coffee in hand, and jamming – reaching for the quick bursts of creativity the setting provides. Ophelia's music is all laid back potential energy. It's enjoying a slow walk through a beautiful field with a pretty girl waiting for you on the other side. It's that warm feeling you get when the one you love calls from far away. Give this one a few spins to sink in and you'll be hooked too.

Ophelia's self-titled debut will be released on Triple Stamp Records on January 1. Keep your eyes open for tour dates.