Old Hills, Young Mountain Vol. 1

A new Kickstarter campaign has launched for a folk music compilation project entitled Old Hills, Young Mountain. We at the Dig are big fans of this genre and entrepreneurial approach to a vintage and authentic kind of music making. Additionally, we have enjoyed the work of these musicians for sometime now. The project not only looks and sounds great, but the donation incentives are imaginative and exciting – especially if you're in the area of Kalamazoo MI. First thing you should do is hit up the Kickstarter page to let the artists advocate for themselves, and then after they've peaked your interest head on over to Vimeo and dig these videos of some of the artists performing in preparation for the project. Here is a small taste of their write up from the page:

Old Hills, Young Mountain is a one of a kind of compilation. Instead of taking songs from 9 different artists who recorded in 9 different studios, we are gathering the greatest folk and country artists we know and bringing them into one studio/warehouse space in Kalamazoo, MI. Once there, they'll record live to old reel to reel equipment, capturing a classic, unreproducible sound unattainable through any other format of recording. Every step of this process has been considered and debated over to insure the most unique and integrity-filled project imaginable.

The contributing performers are: Mike and Ruthy – Red Tail Ring – Small Houses – Jeremy RR – Brooks Strause – Patrick Dethlefs – The Thornbills – Spirit Family Reunion – Hezekiah Jones

We look forward to watching this project from its inception to my turntable and wish the team nothing but the best. You dig?