NYC Show: White Arrows at Webster Hall 10/27

White Arrows may not have a lot of music out yet, but everything I've heard has been quite enjoyable. And I've everything I've read indicates the band puts on a great show. I'm looking forward to seeing them live tomorrow night, October 27th. The show is at Webster Hall (125 E. 11th Street in the East Village, Manhattan) and also includes The Naked and Famous and The Chain Gang of 1974. It's in the Grand Ballroom, starts at 7:00 PM, is 18+ and costs $20.

Save Me A Place (Fleetwood Mac Cover) by WHITEARROWS

The above song is the b-side of a recently released 7-inch of "Get Gone" (featured in Weekly Roundup a few weeks ago) and like that track, it has a vibe that just pulls you in immediately. I like their use of percussion and electronics to craft soundscapes that are inviting and make you want to dance. The music is well-complemented by the warmth and spirit of singer Mickey's voice. One phrase getting bandied about to describe their music is "tropical gospel," and I have to say, it makes sense to me. Whatever you want to call it, White Arrows are making some diggable stuff, from their EP, to its remixes, to even a cover of Bruce Springsteen. It should be a good time seeing them tomorrow night. Hope to see you there!

Also, you can find out more about the band here and listen to / order their music at their bandcamp page.

PLUS if for some reason you can't make the show tomorrow, White Arrows will be headlining The Studio at Webster Hall on Sunday, October 30th. Show starts at 7:00, is 19+ and cost $10. Opening acts are Vacationer and Ski Lodge. Check out the calendar for more details and tickets.