NYC: Palomino at The Gutter Tonight May 11

I'd say you should check out the show tonight at The Gutter in Brooklyn for the simple fact that it's a show in a bowling alley. But you should also be sure to check it out because of the bands involved, which include Palomino. The Gutter is at 200 North 14th Street, right on the cusp of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Other acts on the bill include Barkhouse and Hiawatha, the show begins at 9:00 PM, costs $5, and is 21+.

Haven't yet seen Palomino, but have been enjoying their EP (free on Bandcamp) and expect good things live. They have a 80s & 90s indie/college/bar rock sound that should be a lot of fun to hear in person. And without giving too much away, they just might be appearing more on TWD in the near future in a very cool manner. Some of you may not typically roll on Shabbos, but you should come out to this show. Hope to see you there.