Norm Sherman CD Release Party TONIGHT!

From the oldest epics chiseled onto tablets in the third millennium BC, to the Herculean friezes of Greece and Rome, a man's place in history has always been determined not but the strength of his character or the size of his heart, but by the smell of his fingers, and sound of his guitar. -Norm Sherman

Norm Sherman: Mongolian Deathworm (Just Another Lonely Night)

Norm Sherman is the host of the award winning weekly flash fiction podcast The Drabblecast who also brings his spoken wit, sardonic sense of humor, and literary acumen to the stage. His previous album featured classics such as Daddy Drinks Because You Cry and everybody's favorite Everybody's Got Nipples. In celebration of the release of his second album, The Esoteric Order of Sherman, he will be hosting a record release concert with his long time stage partner Dusty Magnum (aka DaveWhoDigs). In addition to the concert, the evenings entertainment will also include variety acts by Paco Fish, Marla Meringue, and a few more surprises to add to the nights rambunctiousness.

The event will be hosted by the good people at the EMP Collective at 306 East Redwood Street in Baltimore MD at 8:00 pm tonight! The space will also be featuring the art work of Ryan Haase with his collection entitled Night Sweats – A Thousand Ways to Die. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Furthermore, you can follow the event via twitter by way of The Drabblecast and myself, DaveWhoDigs for live updates throughout the evening. There will be burlesque, magic, music, door prizes, and a bathroom obstacle course – what's not to love? Come on out Baltimore and get your weird on with Norm and Dusty.

The Esoteric Order Of Sherman will be available via itunes January 24th.