Nicolas Jaar EP

NICOLAS JAAR / Don't break my love EP by Clown & Sunset

Warning: Listening should occur on good headphones.

This is pretty different fare than you'll normally find on our humble little blog, and I am generally a non-believer in most of the output from the electronic music world. That being said I can't stop listening to Nicolas Jaar. I hesitate to even call his work "electronic" as it combines found sound and organic noises as well as bloops and blips. It comes across with a feeling akin to The Books.

I want to live inside the space in "Don't Break My Love". It's the absolute opposite of current electronic trends (read: brostep) in it's beauty, sparseness, and reliance on subtely and open space to breathe emotion and nuance. The song crackles and pops at a painfully slow speed in the beginning to the point of checking to even make sure the song is playing. As the sounds gradually unfurl themselves a melody and rhythym are established and the groggy bass brings you in. The hook doesn't even drop for a good five minutes.

You can download both tunes by clicked the downward arrow in the player. After hearing this track I immediately devoured Jaar's brilliant release from earlier this year Space Is Only Noise. I recommend you do the same.