Needed: Best Drinking Song Videos


Those Who Dig nation, we need you!

Ok, so here is my Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanza / non-denominational December gift to the readers of Those Who Dig (and their friends.) I, a graduate of the Penn State film department, am going to create a video power hour. Now I'm not sure if you have ever done a video power hour before; they are amazing. But to ensure that you, the readership of this phenomenal blog, enjoy the pants off this artistic masterpiece I want, scratch that, need your input. In short… HELP ME!

Now let me layout a few things I have learned from a long, successful power hour creating career that the music is NOT the most important part of a great power hour DVD. Oh, good music can help drive the film, but it does not make the film.

  1. The first rule of a great power hour, you gotsta give at least 10% of the run time (6 minutes) to the pop music crowd. Now granted we aren’t in college anymore, and if you are a consistent reader of this blog you probably don't have the sisters of Tappa Kappa Kegga coming over to pregame tonight, but you must remember that different people like different music and you want them to have fun. If they are not having fun, you will be having less fun. So throw in that Shakira song with the hot video. I heard that her hips don't lie!

  2. Second it is important to remember that we are utilizing the magic of video. I know that some of the greatest music exists sans-video. Most of my favorite songs have never had music videos produced for them. It's sad but those songs do not get included. For a video power hour, video is king. A great video completely offsets an awful song. Let it be known that the video does not have to be an official video. You cut something together? Do you know of a cool video online that needs a good soundtrack? Use it.

  3. They can be funny. Don't be afraid to include Dick in a Box, or a John Lajoie video. Humor is great.

  4. Time, time, time. You only have one minute, 60 seconds, one 60th on a hour for each song. You have to choose a portion. This factors in. Those great videos that tell an beautiful, funny, intelligent story. If the middle minute won't make sense, you shouldn't use it.

  5. You need some downtime. This isn't a middle school mix tape. It doesn't need to build the entire time. Start strong and build, but sprinkle in the slow stuff here and there. Trust me it will make it that much better.

  6. Also quality counts. This is 2010 and most people have high res displays, tv's, etc. Watching a bad YouTube clip on a HD TV isn't the end of the world, but it could be so much cooler. If the song is REALLY good, and the video is REALLY good, the quality doesn't matter, but let it serve as a tie breaker at least. What do you say?

So I plan to post a few links to download this Power Hour 20 days from now on December 20th. Until that time I will be constantly creating and recreating the final version. Here is where you come in, I need suggestions. What are your favorite music videos of all time? What 60 seconds should I take? I'm a busy guy and can't do it on my own. Leave comments with the name of the video you want included, and the section that you want. An example for clarification sake…

Queen – Under Pressure – 0:00 to 1:00

I'll post a few of my suggestions too, although I'd like to keep much of it a secret as to not ruin any sort of surprise.

That song will make it in, although the jury is still out regarding which part. Anyway now it's your turn. Alright now start thinking of great drinking videos…. NOW!

Merry non-denominational December holiday!