Nas + Damian Marley – My Generation


Nas + Damian Marley (ft. Joss Stone + Lil' Wayne) – My Generation


I'm a sucker for hip hop songs with choirs in them (little kids or otherwise). There's just something so soulful and spiritual about a wave of voices. Add to this the fact that "My Generation" is the pinnacle of optimism and determination, and you've got quite the uplifting jam.  The collaboration between Nas and Damian Marley didn't always work for me on this album, but I think I can blame most of that on the uneven production and occasionally weak beats. The rhymes and singing was just fine, and "My Generation" is no exception. It's also possibly the only thing Joss Stone's ever done that I've actually enjoyed (I'll never forgive you for "Fell In Love With A Boy").