Lubec – Nothing is Enough! EP

Lubec is a band from Richmond, Virginia. Their brand new EP Nothing is Enough! is an exciting debut, though perhaps indeed not enough for those who dig catchy pop melodies mixed with loud fuzzy rock.

Lubec – Your Magic Wand

Despite being recorded on a tobacco farm, this album really feels born of the garage. It brims with energy and while it clearly has a sense of craft, Nothing is Enough! retains a nice level of crackling roughness. Apparently, Lubec describes their music as "sculpt-rock," and I like that image. In a song like "Your Magic Wand," the guitars punctuate the chorus like a buzz saw at full bore, from which the sawdust of melody flies. I also feel 90s alternative rock vibes throughout the EP, which is fine by me. I really dig the opening and closing tracks, though that's not meant as a slight on everything in between. Rather, all of it makes me want to hear what Lubec will do next.

If this is not enough for you, check out the music video for "Cherry Adair" below and click here to stream and/or purchase the music.

Lubec – "Cherry Adair" from The Acme Thunderer on Vimeo.