Lovedrug – We Were Owls

Lovedrug has been making a video for each song on their recently released new album Wild Blood. We've already featured the clips for "Dinosaur" and "Pink Champagne," and tonight "We Were Owls" is coming at ya.

After the original narrative for "Dinosaur" and the live performance of "Pink Champagne," this video finds the band taking yet another approach to the video format: found footage. "We Were Owls" juxtaposes a figure skater on ice with a roller derby. There is some overlap – both scenes feature females and the kineticism from gliding around a rink – but the former is much more a graceful individual performance and the latter features battling teams, turning into a visceral brawl. Seriously, the roller derby is no joke, there are some major blows being dealt! In a way, both convey different kinds of power. I particularly like how things crest in action on screen with the crescendo of the song.

This is yet another great tune from a very strong album. I mentioned the crescendo, which takes place near the song's midpoint and takes "We Were Owls" to another level. Of course, there aren't too many opening lines that can grab my attention like "We were just 17" – an age that has always fascinated me for its place on the cusp between youth and adulthood. Thinking about the emotions of that time makes the rush of the song's performance – how the guitar cuts a little sharper, how the drums start to pound within your own veins – and its message all the more magnetic.

If you haven't yet, you can purchase Wild Blood from the band's website, from Amazon, or from iTunes. For more great videos, check out the band's Youtube channel.