Little Daylight Glitter and Gold Video

I wrote about how much I like Little Daylight's third single "Glitter and Gold" and how the band is establishing their identity last month. They have since released an EP and now a video for the track.

The band is nowhere to be found in the video, but that's not a problem. This visual tale of a young boy and girl and the mystical world hidden just beyond our normal grasp is quite affecting on its own. The song has a message of empowerment, and I think whoever directed it came up with a good representation of that. I particularly like the use of the prism lens; it helps further the sensibility of how something (or someone) can be more or different than appears. Playing with light in the symbols on the trees also seems to fit well with the band's luminous sounds.

If you haven't yet, you should check out their Tunnel Vision EP, which you can get here.