Linneman's Riverwest Inn: Still Going Strong

Good evening everyone. I was just about to call it an early night when I came across this piece written by JSOnline. I’d like to congratulate Jim Linneman on his success. For anyone that has not ever visited his establishment you are missing out. Hands down my favorite sound in Milwaukee. His Wednesday open mic night was where Pay The Devil played our first gig. Check out the article, and support music in Riverwest.

“There’s a club owner in New York City, Paul Colby, who was Frank Sinatra’s road manager and bought the club the Bitter End. (…) He still has it today, and he’s at least 95 years old. I wouldn’t mind going the same route.” — Jim Linneman

I dig that. Good luck Jim.
Here is a video of Joseph Huber, formerly of the .357 String Band, playing The Stillest Hour at Linnemans. I have seen the The Devil Makes Three, The .357 Stringband, Buffalo Gospel, The David Wax Museum, and many more acts. Truly a Milwaukee treasure.

You can find Linneman’s Riverwest Inn at:

1001 E Locust St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212
(414) 263-9844

Check out the full article below.
Linneman’s, owner have withstood the test of time