Lady Lamb the Beekeeper at Glasslands Saturday

I fully intended to post a review about Ripely Pine by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper morning. It is one of my favorite records of the year, if not my favorite. There's so much that is amazing about it. As I started to write, the post mutated and shifted and grew, and well, I realized it needed more time.

However, I want to make sure you strongly consider going to see her play Glasslands Saturday night with Slothrust. The show is $12 and 21+. I have not yet seen her live but I have no doubt it will be incredible. Tickets & info here. Oh, and check out the video for the excellent "The Nothing Part II." So. Much. Pie.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper — The Nothing Part II [official music video] from David Meiklejohn on Vimeo.