Kenton Dunson

Kenton Dunson – Rolling Stone (Ft. Garrett Anderson)

Kenton Dunson – Firestarter (Ft. Ryan Kellie)

I love stories like this. Guys giving up the job they've been successful at for years but never had their heart in, in order to pursue a true passion in life. I can get behind that. Life's too short to be forcing yourself to do a job you dislike while you're true calling lies dormant, ammirite?

These stories are all made even better when the person is seriously talented at the thing they left to pursue. Kenton Dunson worked at an investment firm before coming to his senses last year and deciding to pursue his love of music. Lucky for us he did, because in a relatively short span of time, he's developed a unique sound and put out some great tunes.

It's always impressive to see guys write, produce, and MC and Dunson's definitely the triple threat. He has a Lupe-meets-John Legend sound that can be silky smooth or hard hitting, often in the same song. 

Kenton Dunson just realeased his new album Creative Destruction 2  and you can pick it up over at his website for nothing more than an e-mail address.