Julianna Barwick Nepenthe First Listen

Julianna Barwick releases her newest album Nepenthe on Tuesday, but NPR's got a first listen link you should not miss.

First listen is available here.

I have to admit, this is not the post I planned on running this morning. I ended up losing that one, but since it involved Julianna I thought I'd at least quickly share news of her fantastic new album and strongly recommend her music. If you aren't familiar, she is an incredible talent, most notable for the way she uses her voice. She loops and layers bits of melodies, harmonies, and textures into utterly engrossing soundscapes. The Magic Place was my favorite 2011 album that I discovered in 2012 (another post that never got written) and I loved the "Pacing" single from earlier this year. I was very excited for this new work and my first listen reveals another wonderful album. It's familiar enough to what I dug about her previous work but also pushes in new directions. For instance, she uses some discernible words this time. There's plenty more to discover, I'm sure. I will buy it and potentially write a full review, but just trust me that you should click the link and check it out.

Also, for those in NYC, she plays a show on release day (8/20) at the Judson Memorial Church Auditorium. Wow, that sounds incredible. Tickets are $15 advance (available here) or $20 at the door.

UPDATE: The stream is gone, the show is over, but you can enjoy a song from the album, "One Half," below.