Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge: Close To Picture EP

The Close To Picture EP was released recently on August 6, 2013. The responsible parties are Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge who is best known for his work with the prolific Punch Brothers. Close To Picture is a four track EP available to own at only four dollars. It is a small collection of thought provoking works for acoustic guitar. The melodies and compositional forms are engaging, and the performances are highly virtuosic. Seldom do guitar players in this medium perform with this high of a sense of shape, tone, musicality, and composition. In their own words, "With Lage’s background in modern jazz and new music, and Eldridge’s deep relationship with bluegrass as well as his being a member of the widely acclaimed band, Punch Brothers, this duo lives at the nexus of improvisation, spontaneous composition, and virtuosic refinement, all performed on their respective 1939 Martin guitars."

As a performer and teacher of the instrument I cannot recommend this listen and purchase highly enough. The duo is about to being an East Coast tour on August 10th in Washington DC. Click here for the complete dates and ticket information. You dig?