Jonny Corndawg's Record Store Tour'

Jonny Corndawg, TWD's favorite singer/songwriter, marathoner, leather worker, and self-proclaimed "big drinker of little juices" is currently cruising down the east coast touring record stores in promotion of his soon to be released album Down on the Bikini Line. This blogger was more than happy to be in attendance at last nights show in Baltimore at The Sound Garden. Although previous album, I'm Not Ready to be a Daddy, was a bitchin' this new opus brings the Corndawg into a whole new echelon.

You need three good reasons to love Down on the Bikini Line? Here they are: 1. His backing band is Dawes. 2. There's a song called Life of a Bear; it's about the life of a bear. 3. Jonny Corndawg can run faster and farther than you.

Mr. Corndawg has also been featured as the subject of an engrossing and concise documentary Stray Dawg which follows his journey to run the Ocean Front Marathon while touring. It was featured on TWD here. If you're still aching for more Corndawg you can find him on DaytrotterTwitterFacebook, and his Webpage.

There's only two dates left on the record store tour so make like a tree and get the heck out of here. The Corndawg awaits. Can't make the drive to Virginia or North Carolina? Don't worry your pretty little head about it. Jonny Corndawg lives on the road – sometimes on a motorcycle, sometimes in a van, and always in high style. Stay tuned to his facebook and twitter feeds and you'll get your chance. 

Tour Dates:

August 17th – Charlottesville, VA Plan 9 Records at 6 PM 210 Zan Rd Seminole Square Center Charlottesville, VA 22901 (434)974-9999

August 21st – Raleigh, NC School Kids Records at 5 PM 2114 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC (919)821-7766