Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners: East Side Drag

Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners is a five piece band that is as steeped in whiskey as they are old-timey Americana. They are: Jacob Miller on guitar,vocals, and kazoo. Ben Bailey on washboard, snare, and vocals Kyle Neumann on harmonica, tenor banjo, and dobro. Joy Pearson on vocals, tenor banjo and kazoo, and finally, Mike Team on the upright bass.

Their album, East Side Drag, was released in June of 2012 and boasts eight tracks of the finest pickin' and singin' that Portland Oregon has to offer. However, beyond a slick brand and a niche market, Jocob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners are bringing real musical talent and authenticity to bear. For my taste, Hesitation Blues and Belmont Strut are the high points of the album. I love the combination of Jacob Miller's tenor warble alongside his enviable guitar impersonation of Mississippi John Hurt. Furthermore, the subtly Ben Bailey's washboard percussion amplifies the song's interesting texture.

Please don't hesitate to support the group by purchasing the album, visiting the prerequisite social media pages (Facebook & Twitter), or hop on over to their official webpage to track down their tour schedule. It looks like they will be making an appearance the awesome Timber! Outdoor Music Festival at the end of July. You dig?