J Roddy Walston & The Business: Essential Tremors

People that know the music of J Roddy Walston and the Business know that they are the face of rock and roll in the 21st Century, and people that are still learning are about to agree. Building on the success of their previous two albums, signing to ATO Records, and now poised to release their third album Essential Tremors this September 10th, this juggernaut band with a charismatic, whiskey swilling, hard singing, Jerry Lee Lewis inspired piano playing front man is knocking down doors and demanding your attention.

In preparation for forthcoming release of Essential Tremors, the band has is streaming Marigold from the album. As read in Kyle McGovern's well written article for Spin this morning, Walston boils the song down like this:

"'Marigold' is a dance song about the classic 'Girl meets boy who is pretending to be a girl, who is poor and an artist and dabbling in drug usage because it's all art and his trust fund says so,' story."

If their self-titled second album didn't already solidify it for you that J Roddy and the Business are for real and are about to become a mainstay staple of the rock scene, than Marigold and Essential Tremors is your wake up call. Pre-order the album here, follow the band on Facebook and Twitter, visit their official webpage, and check out the business at anyone of their many upcoming shows. J Roddy Walston and the Business are at their best on stage and anytime they are playing it is a not to be missed occasion. 

Finally, we have one more tasty teaser for you this morning. The video below, which also features the song Marigold, is in promotion of Essential Tremors but gives the band a chance to strut, perform, and show off their more enviable than previously known dance moves. Check it out. You dig?