J. Irving Dally – Sun Room / Teething

J. Irvin Dally – Teething

J. Irvin Dally – Sun Room

I love growers. You know what I mean. Those songs that so lightly tap you on the shoulder on the first listen that you almost don't even notice. But you can't shake that feeling that someone's trying to get your attention so you listen again and hear someone calling your name. Then on the third or fourth listen you're being beat over the head with a baseball bat while someone screams in your ear. 

J. Irving Dally is kind of like that.

Dally's brand of wispy indie folk features a beautiful mix of various instruments (is that a theremin?) and pulls just enough influence from other genres to sound wholly original yet somehow familiar. He also has a voice like honey that flows sweetly over the tempo-changing tunes. 

Dally's 7" featuring "Sun Room" and "Teething" is available tomorrow via his Bandcamp page. It's highly recommended.